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10 tips for better manufacturing safety in the factory workplace

10 tips for better manufacturing safety in the factory workplace

Health and safety in the manufacturing industry is stringent to say the least; and for good reason. A factory environment has so many different areas that strict guidelines have to be in place to ensure the safety of all those who enter. If you are in charge of a factory, or are starting work there and want to make sure guidelines are in place, here are our 10 tips for better manufacturing safety in the workplace.

Steel toe capped boots are shoes should be offered as standard in a factory. A badly broken foot or crushed toes could see you laid up for weeks so make sure everyone is given a pair of this footwear and above all wears them. Yes they are ugly but who cares? You're in a factory where everyone is wearing the same thing.

Hard Hats
There will invariably be areas of the factory designated as hard hat zones and entering here without one is just stupid. Those who work in these areas all the time will have their own but there should always be some at the entrance so anyone having to venture in there can protect themselves.

It's never good to get anything in your eye but depending on what you are manufacturing some things are worse than other. A bit of soup will still be uncomfortable but imagine if it was a bit of glass or metal or a corrosive substance. Never set foot on the factory floor without your goggles and proper safety gear in place.

Harmful vapours can arise from almost anything and by working without a mask is asking for trouble. You may think working with something such as talc is a very pleasant environment, not least due to the pleasant smell, but all those dust particles you are breathing in can settle in your lungs and create health problems further down the line.

Dispose of any rubbish quickly and correctly. Leaving anything lying around can be a hazard. Don't have the attitude that as it wasn't you who left it there you aren't going to pick it up. Imagine how you will feel if somebody has an accident and you could have prevented it.

Vehicles such as fork lift trucks regularly whizz around factory floors and , depending on the driver, often exceed the speed they should. When crossing areas you know vehicles operate treat it like crossing a road. A run in with a fork lift is not a pleasant experience.

In a manufacturing environment there should be gloves available which are prevalent to which area you are working in. While super thin latex gloves are perfect for some things you need thick, padded industrial ones for such jobs as loving pallets or working in cold temperatures.

Specialist Clothing
Some areas of the manufacturing industry will require you to use specialist clothing. This could consist of one item or several. Either way don't enter the area without all your clothing in place and correctly fastened. An acid burn due to a sleeves being rolled up with not only be painful but can leave you with a nasty scar.

Leave it to the Experts
Even if you can see what is stopping a belt running or a has caused a machine to jam never try to fix it yourself. There will be technicians in place to take care of this. You have your designated role and losing a couple of fingers is probably not in your job remit.

Factories can be a dangerous environment so always be aware of what is going on around you. Many accidents are caused by people not paying attention; don't add your name to that statistic.